It’s a pleasure to see a Dallas Cowboys quarterback receive the attention and nationwide admiration that Tony Romo has recently received. After only five games at the helm, Romo has played uncannily well, utilizing both foot speed, throwing accuracy, and good judgment. In his television interview with Bob Costas tonight during the Colts-Eagles halftime show, you could see and hear the confidence oozing out of him.

This phenom is sure to disappoint us at some point, right? Of course, we want to start lowering our expectations so the realization of Romo’s mortality won’t break our hearts. That interview was the first time I had heard anything about Romo allegedly dating Jessica Simpson. Romo neither admitted or denied the allegation. He simply played it smooth and confident, as though he has been doing this and doing it well for years. Let’s all make the decision to stop being so surprised that Tony Romo is this good. The boy can play football. He’s got the skills, the mind, and the attitude. He is the total package.

Time will tell whether he’s considered a great quarterback. For now, it’s enough to know that the Dallas Cowboys are legitimate NFC Championship contenders. The only teams standing in the way of a SuperBowl birth are the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints. With the Bears losing today, there is no reason to think that Dallas doesn’t have a legitimate shot. Armed with offensive weapons like Terry Glenn, Terrell Owens, Jason Witten, Patrick Crayton, Sam Hurd, Julius Jones, Marion Barber, and Tyson Thompson, there’s no reason why Tony Romo shouldn’t shine like a star.

Go Cowboys.

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