Texas represents big time in this year’s NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament. Five Texas teams will enter the Division One Tournament this week. Let’s take a quick look:

Texas A&M CC – As the second biggest underdogs in the Midwest bracket, the 26-6 Corpus Christi Islanders will take on #2 Wisconsin. I’ve never heard of the Islanders, but I have seen pictures of their campus (it looks like a paradise under Texas standards). They’re obviously a long shot, but we’re gonna wish them the best and hope they get to play UNLV or Georgia Tech in Round 2.

North Texas – This is one of the teams that I want most to win. They’re playing an extremely talented Memphis in Round One, so it will take a near miracle for them to pull it off. For those of you who don’t know, I spent an entire summer working on the football stadium at North Texas. We replaced every stinkin’ bleacher in the stadium, waterproofed all the concrete steps in the stands, and patched concrete cracks underneath the bowl where the concession stands are located. It was a miserable summer in some respects, but I put my mark on the campus and I want to see them win.

Texas Tech – The Red Raiders have a fair chance to defeat Boston College in Round One. If they do manage to pull through, they’ll face a difficult Georgetown team in Round 2. But wouldn’t it be cool to see them make it to face Texas for the East? Yeah, but let’s not start sippin’ the tequila just yet.

Texas – The UT Longhorns have a really good chance to make it to the Sweet 16. There they will have to defeat North Carolina or Michigan State in order to face Georgetown, Texas Tech, or Washington State in the Elite 8. I don’t know how good this freshman is that everyone’s cooing over. I’ve only seen him play in two games. His legs look like toothpicks out there on the court. But he’s apparently one of the best, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Texas A&M – The highest ranked Texas team in the tournament, the Aggies should have an easy first round against Penn. Louisville could play a close game in Round 2, but they won’t likely face a major challenge until the Sweet 16 against Memphis. Of course, if they were to make it to the Elite 8, they’ll likely face the best team in the country, Ohio State. So we’ll keep our fingers crossed for the Aggs.

Another team I’d like to recognize is this year’s tournament is Tulsa team, ORU. The Oral Roberts Golden Eagles have a tough first round with Washington State. This is a small private school that usually makes it to the NIT, but rarely to the big dance. I’m rooting for ORU all the way.

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  1. Texas Tech and ORU are already casualties to the cause. North Texas plays in 15 minutes.

    Good luck with your picks.

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