Every time I get halfway through a post, this heavy weighing my chest and I can’t think clearly enough to complete another sentence.

A few weeks ago, I published an article announcing my switch from WordPress to Medium. It’s not a popular move, let me tell you. Most people who blog professionally (read “makes lots of money blogging”) think I’m being foolish.

But it doesn’t matter to me whether they’re wrong or they’re right, because whether search engines rank my pages isn’t my biggest problem. No, my biggest problem is that I’ve had to wrestle with myself to get anything written.

I think it’s the standard here on Medium. While not all articles contain the most brilliant words ever written, the brilliance quota on Medium is vastly superior to other platforms.

But that’s what you get when you strip away ads and flashy widgets and you center each article around actual content.

So the intelligence level is pretty high, which leads me to feel I need to go the extra mile in researching a topic before I breeze through with my latest opinion. But there’s no time to do that research, since this is not my day job. This isn’t even moonlighting. I’m moonlighting as a dad. Blogging is something I do from locked bathrooms and sitting in the car at stop signs.

It’s gotta be short and sweet, or it doesn’t get published. Which is why you’ll see more blogs about what I’m about to do or what I’m not going to do than what I’m doing. I’m processing through all the challenges of being a third string blogger.

See what I did there? I stopped writing this post long enough to go register the domain name ThirdStringBlogger.com. The name sounded too good to pass up. I’m just squatting on it for now.

So I need your help. In order to get ANY OF THE EIGHT BLOG POSTS sitting in my draft queue published, I have to be okay with the less-than-stellar form they come in. I’m just going to be me and I hope that’s okay… even here at Medium.

It’s really the only way I’ll share anything more than a State of the Blogging Union.

See you soon.