I’m not one of those “how to be a successful entrepreneur” bloggers, but I respect good advice in whatever form it comes across my path. I want and need to become a better person on many levels. So hat tip to Amy Porterfield for pointing out this quote from ProBlogger.com:

Success is more about DOING the ‘ordinary’ things you know you should do… than discovering the secrets you don’t yet…

– Darren Rowse

I have spent more time pounding my head against the imaginary wall, trying to reinvent the wheel, rather than follow through on the best practices that have been published on a hundred different blogs over the past 8 years.

While I could have been dedicating all my time to building up a single blog, instead I created dozens of niche blogs which I then failed to support with consistently updated content. I’m no Thomas Acquinas, who apparently could dictate a half dozen or more books to different scribes at the same time. I don’t have that ability at the moment. I need to focus. I need hyper-focus, actually. And so do you, if you’re going to accomplish your dreams and turn them into reality.

Sure, I know that sounded spammy and salesy and now you expect me to pull out the stops to sell you some e-book or online course. But no, I have nothing to sell. Not today. I’m just pointing out the obvious:


Don’t settle for spinning your wheels on new tactics and magic bullets. Sure, there ARE other tactics that work that you haven’t tried yet. But see the ones you’ve already begun through to completion. Finish reading that book. Write that second chapter. Call that contact and schedule a lunch. Carve out a day to do research so you’ve covered your basis.

Just get it done. On the other side, you’ll feel healthier, happier, and more focused on your goal. It’s a snowball effect, and you need to keep that snowball in motion.

Again, stop registering domains. Stop suggesting new inventions. Stop talking your spouse’s ear off on your newest flight of fancy. DO SOMETHING. Even if it’s not the most ideal thing, just do it and finish something. Get some completion under your belt. Get some experience. Later on, you’ll use that experience as evidence of your qualification to do what you really want to do.

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