For those of us trying to harness the power of the Internet for business purposes, Twitter and Facebook can become tempting tools to game for the sake of increased influence. The more people read and care about what you say, the more “powerful” you are and the more money you can make.

But what would Jesus do? What does Jesus teach us about influence and making a name for ourselves? “He who would lose his life will find it. He who would save his life will lose it.”

The Tabernacle as a Picture

I’m reading a biography of William Branham, in which he mentions his understanding of the Mosaic Tabernacle (the tabernacle built by Moses). If the tabernacle is a type of the Christian life or inheritance, then, according to Branham, the Outer Court represents salvation. The Holy Place is where we get clean of our sin and set ourselves apart for His purposes. The Holy of Holies represents the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

I will depart from Branham’s theology there and say the Holy of Holies represents intimate friendship, or something intensely mystical, intimate, and life sustaining.

The tabernacle, then, shows us three stages of Christian life. We can dwell in any of the three. We can “just” be saved. We can hang out as sanctified believers who don’t do bad stuff, or we can walk in power to raise the dead and fulfill the Great Commission.

Your Self Is in the Way

Going back to the original topic, if you let it, social networking on Twitter and Facebook can become a stumbling block. If you’re trying to look like something online, you’re choosing to let something stand between you and block you from the Holy of Holies. Watchman Nee said that death to Self comes after death to sin, and it is much more difficult. But it is absolutely necessary in order for a believer to fulfill his or her destiny. We cannot fully connect and walk in God’s perfect will so long as we have an agenda to preserve. An image to maintain. Something is still more important than Him.

Do you want to miss out on what you were created for? Is your image really so important?

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