You now have your Top Ten dancers, America. Tonight's losers were no surprise. Anya was little more than a stripper in her solo dances. Her choice of attire was always atrocious and she basically shook her ass the entire time. Regardless of what style you might call it, I call it hooker-ish and not worthy of the Top Ten. 

Hok was everyone's favorite personality, but he simply couldn't dance formally to save his life. On his own, he bounces off the ground like he's made of rubber, and he's got sick skills. Hok will definitely make it in the bigs.

Here are your Top Ten dancers:

Guys: Danny, Dominic, Kameron, Neil, and Pasha

Girls: Jaimie, Lacey, Lauren, Sabra, and Sara


I have a Final Four list already. The last two girls will be much more difficult to determine than the last two guys. For the Final Four, I have selected Danny, Neil, Jaimie, and Lacey. Sabra and Lauren both have a chance at the Final Four. Sara is the only one I expect to see bounce quickly. Of course, she's the female hip hop dancer, so perhaps she has enough tricks up her sleeve to last a little while longer. 

Pasha is a crowd favorite, but his partner-only training will be a weakness in the weeks to come when solos become the sole determining factor.  


This year's cast on So You Think You Can Dance has been very talented, but we're missing the connection to dancers like Benji, Heidi, and Travis. Travis was my favorite dancer last year, and I feel robbed that he didn't win. But to be fair, Benji had the attitude that just wouldn't quit. 

Biggest Mistake of the Season

Without a doubt, the biggest mistake of the season occurred when the judges voted Jessi off the show. She had health problems and missed one dance routine with Pasha. Pasha danced with the instructor and did an excellent job. Jessi came back the following day and danced the same routine with Pasha for the audience, and they blew everyone away.

But because of her absent day, or because the judges felt like she was too unpredictable, they voted her off. Jessi could have made it to the Final Four. BIG MISTAKE! Biggest one of the season. Take that, Nigel. Stick that in your Twitter.  

3 responses to “So You Think You Can Dance – Top Ten”

  1. I was also shocked at Jessi’s elimination. I have a feeling there was more behind the scenes there, as she always seemed emotionally volatile and desparate. Much more so than the other dancers.

    Totally agree about Jaimie being top-4 material.

    The guys are a bit of a mixed bag for me. Pasha is great on the partnering stuff, but his solos have been meh at best. Kameron hasn’t been super-impressive to me, but the routines they do as a couple are always fun and they keep out of elimination each time. Neil has great tricks, but consistently in the bottom 3. Danny? Great technique, but not great personality. When he laughed on camera at being in the bottom three a few weeks ago I realized he just wasn’t likable. And finally, Dominic has an odd attitude that will hurt him toward the end.

    My bet is one of the girls wins the competition. All four are _really_ good.

  2. First of all, let me say that I am ridiculously surprised that you are watching the show. I feel vindicated. Thank you.

    I know that Danny’s attitude hurts him the most, but he is far and away the best dancer in the group. His technique is flawless. In fact, it is his flawlessness that is his downfall. He needs more warmth and likeable personality rather than strict form.

    I chose Lacey over Lauren for my final four because, let’s face it: she’s playing the “My brother was last year’s champion” card and the “I’m willing to act like a whore” card. That combo will be tough to beat with American voters. What does that say about us?

    I can’t say that I really know Lacey’s talent level. Does she compare with her cousin Heidi from last season? I have my doubts. If Lacey would only give up the fake innocence/slutty attitude when she dances, I might be able to form a solid opinion.

    I like Lauren in this competition, but I wonder if her solo skills are up to task. She seriously rocked that Mia Michaels routine with the goggles. She made her partner look bad. She kept up with all the head bounces and little details that Neil seemed to lose touch with as the piece progressed.

    I’ll stick with my Top Four prediction for now. Who’s in your Top Four?

  3. I actually don’t have any top-4 predictions, especially since so much of it has to do with the contest being for America’s _favorite_ dancer, not best dancer, which is why Kameron has never been in the bottom-3, while Danny has consistently been there.

    Who do I think should be in the top-4?

    Danny, Pasha, Jaimie, and Lauren.

    Who do I think will actually be in the top-4?

    Neil, Kameron, Lauren, and Sara.

    Just my guesses there.

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