Everyone has a talent. Maybe several. Mine are observation and introspection, hence the title. 

Although many people seem oblivious to the world happening all around them, observation is easy in that you keep your eyes peeled and you pay attention. This may be strenuous exercise for the ADHD types, but otherwise it’s a pretty basic life skill.

But there’s a logical next step to observation I’m not so motivated to engage. All the data gathered is useful when applied to a task like building a piece of furniture, designing an edible landscape, or planning a blog promotion. 

What’s your greatest talent? Do you think it’s so easy that everyone should be able to do it too?

If you answered yes, you have another question to answer:

Is it easy because you possess so much raw talent? Or is it easy because it’s a skill that requires little effort?

In other words, are you clinging to a lazy habit as your greatest strength or is it easy because you’re just THAT good? It hurts to ask, but it hurts more in the long run to not.

Don’t assume the worst of yourself. Just ask and take inventory of your situation. If it’s real talent, you should jump on that. If not, ask yourself what the next logical steps would be to put that skill into active mode. And then do that.

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