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I’m not looking forward to work tomorrow. Everyone knows that I left the office early to attend a class on the dangers of vaccinations to babies and children. I fully expect someone to try goading me into a short summary so that they may laugh their clueless and scornful laughs.

Sadly, I can speak plain, logical English and still get the same blank, prehistoric stares. The look that says “you must hate doctors, society, and America” is borne on the faces of the masses when anyone challenges traditional views of medicine, diet, energy, and possibility. People with absolutely no clue as to why they disagree except for the fact that they trust the masses who believe the same.

I have nothing to offer these people. I can’t cure stupid. You either practice critical thinking, or you don’t. You either blindly accept tradition, or you don’t. If you’re fine with tradition and feel no need to question or challenge status quo, go right ahead. Ignorance is bliss… except when it’s not.

This isn’t to slam anyone at work so much as it is to point out the critical need nationwide for some good old fashioned logic 101. You don’t have to live a perfect life. I don’t live anything remotely resembling a perfect life. I know when I’m being stupid (or I have a strong suspicion). I still choose stupid in some areas. But I give myself the room to choose stupid because I recognize my path of progress and the truth that I can’t fix everything that’s wrong with myself all at once. I give myself some slack to work on one thing at a time.

Hear my request. Please fight against stupid. Don’t accept it. When you put anything artificially made into your body, don’t act like it’s not completely logical that on some level it will cause you harm. Yes, prescription meds are harmful. Yes, fast food is harmful. Yes, sodas are harmful. Yes, vaccinations are harmful. Yes, your favorite store brand cheese dip is harmful. Yes, your body naturally fights off disease (and succeeds WHEN YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY!). Yes, your body is designed to process natural foods (vegetables, grains, fruits, legumes). Yes, your retirement diseases depend on your current lifestyle. You control your destiny. You have the power. You might not want it, but it’s yours.
Get over it. Continue to live as you choose, but don’t accept stupid. Know what you are doing with your life. Take responsibility. Be an adult. Fight stupid everywhere you can.

That’s my soap box. ‘Nuff said.

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  1. This would be a very lengthy comment if I responded until I was satisfied with my own answer. I’ll give my best haphazard answer and you can pinpoint where you’d like additional info. Also, the people who gave the class highly recommended Neil Z. Miller’s book, Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective. It is available at and possibly your local Half Price Books store.

    The #1 reason to consider not vaccinating your child is the existence of toxins which are used as preservatives within the vaccine. In order to be cost effective, many vaccines contain or have been processed with mercury (thimerosal), aluminum, formaldehyde, and other toxins. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has investigated the government cover-up of the link between mercury and autism. You can find coverage of his investigation everywhere from homeopathic websites to

    The #2 reason to avoid vaccinating your child is that the strain of any virus or disease injected into your child is stronger and harsher than the strain a child would encounter through natural causes.

    The #3 reason to avoid many vaccines is that they are repeated every two to five years because children’s bodies are susceptible to the virus/disease after that time period. If a child were to encounter the virus/disease naturally, the body will actually develop a natural immunity which will last a lifetime rather than two years.

    The #4 reason to at least consider refraining from vaccinations is that the standard schedules call for immediate immunizations within the first two months. A child stands a significantly reduced chance of permanent neurological problems if vaccines are withheld until at the child is at least two years of age (brain development).

    As to your question about various plagues (smallpox, polio, etc), we saw timeline graphs illustrating the drastic trend of these illnesses plummeting over the period of 150 years. The graphs showed us where the vaccinations were first introduced. Based on the visible trends, these viruses/diseases would have likely disappeared anyway within a decade.

    Someone well-respected (whose name I have forgotten) has been quoted as saying that refrigeration and sanitation (sewage systems) have contributed significantly more to the reduction of disease than vaccinations ever have.

  2. I am no expert. I cannot immediately confirm or refute some of your statements. I would challenge the validity of some of your sources. While mercury has recently been eliminated from some vaccines, you and I (well, you) have mercury and aluminum in your brain from every shot you’ve ever received containing mercury or aluminum. These metals are neurotoxins which easily penetrate the blood brain barrier and take up residence in the brain.

    Aluminum, Mercury, Glycerin, Polymyxin B, Streptomycin, Neomycin, MF59 (which is also found in Gulf War veterans) and Formaldehyde are all toxins utilized in vaccinations as preservatives and tissue fixatives.

    Whether a cover up seems implausible or not means nothing. In all situations regarding recommended vaccinations and pharmaceuticals, just follow the money.

    As to your question about potency, a partial answer involves the fact that not all vaccines are dead/inactivated. It’s not actually a counter intuitive situation. You and/or your child have likely had live virus immunizations without your awareness. You can request this information before accepting a vaccine. The list of which vaccines are live changes frequently, so it is information you will regularly have to update. Also, when a child encounters a virus naturally, it is through the natural external and internal immune defenses that this virus must pass. A shot straight to into the bloodstream can have a much harsher affect on a small child.

    Whether you realize it or not, at least a couple vaccines your hospital will strongly “recommend” are completely impractical for a small child. Hepatitis B is contracted by male homosexuals and people who share needles. While a nurse or doctor may need to immunize to avoid this disease, a small child does not.

    Additionally, there were extensive studies performed in Japan showing they ranked #17 worldwide in infant mortality until they legally moved the age of immunization from infant to two years old. Japan jumped to #1 worldwide for infant mortality (survival), yet they coincidentally suffered drastic problems among 2 year olds. I wish I could remember the diseases/disorders associated with vaccines.

    I haven’t even mentioned yet the existence of human fetal cells in some vaccines. I am supposed to be getting access to original source literature within the next couple days. I will pass along the info as I get it.

    FYI, I am not telling you not to immunize. But if you immunize, you are doing your child a disservice to not detoxify them and fortify their systems with pure fish oil.

  3. Ok, I’m curious. What were the reasons that vaccinations were dangerous?

    Bonus question: are they compelling enough to forget about the earlier prevalence of smallpox, bubonic plague, and polio?

    Personal flame-bait: BTW, I have a beloved aunt that was crippled by polio. Are you saying it was good that she was born before the vaccination was available?

  4. I agree. To simply take someone’s word for it without research is irresponsible regardless of which side you take (though I can and have made a valid argument in the past about the utter futility of “objective research” and the inescapable faith and presumption exercised in every scientific claim).

    The fact that you have mentioned this in your comment is proof that my blog post was lazy at best. I do fail to add sufficient disclaimers and explanations on occasion.

    Had I approached this post scientifically rather than inspirationally, I would have clarified that my frustration with what I affectionately term “stupid” stems from years of unintentional confrontation with various people on all subjects health-related.

    I have a feeling, however, that I will likely lose an academic debate with either you or Russ on the subject since academic debate always places the highest value upon academic research (which is deemed valid only by a Google-esque popularity contest). We take everything based upon trust of someone somewhere.

    If we were to debate the ability of the human body to detox and repel toxins, diseases, etc. through the exposure of the brain to energy signatures, I would possibly lose the academic debate. However, I know things on the subject that a researcher will not because I have experienced the before, the therapy, and the after. There is more to life than scientific journals.

    Having said that, I still concede the argument before it truly begins. I have neither the stamina nor the desire to actually battle it out with anyone.

  5. I appreciate the speedy response. Though unfortunately, I’m not sure where I would need more detail. Let me suggest a few things for each points and see where we go from there.

    Reason1 – While it is true that many of those preservatives sound harmful, they are present in either very tiny amounts, or in forms easily removed by the body. The kind of mercury used in vaccinations is thimerosal which is very quickly broken down by the body and excreted – in fact it was chosen for exactly those properties. It has almost no half-life in the body.

    As to the proposed government coverup with autism, there have actually been many published studies, done with double-blind tests in many different countries by many research groups. None have found any statistical connection between thimerosal and ASD (autistic spectrum disorder). A coverup of this magnitude (across so many borders and competing interests) seems very implausible to me. RFK (a lawyer) being competent to judge medical matters like this – equally implausible.

    Reason2 – This one needs some support – a dead/inactivated virus is stronger than one naturally occurring? This is, if nothing else, counter-intuitive. What is the support for this claim?

    Reason3 – This reason actually makes sense. For diseases that are mostly inconveniences (chicken-pox) and pose no lasting danger, I see no reason why potentially dangerous vaccinations should be given. But what about diseases that don’t care how often you wash your hands or what you eat? What about real killers like polio or ebola? Weak immunity seems much better than no immunity at all. The price of natural immunity would too often be death.

    Reason4 – This seems reasonable to me too, provided the baby is getting immunities from the mother (breastfeeding). But once that starts to taper off, the child is at risk.

    Timelines – I invite you to look at photographs of polio wards where there are several hundred children totally and permanently paralyzed by this virus are living out the remainder of their years in an iron lung. This was recent enough that my own mother remembers being deathly afraid of contracting the disease. Christi’s great-aunt was paralyzed (she was lucky it was only one leg and not both like FDR, or everything like the iron lung patients) This scourge was almost completely eradicated upon the introduction of the polio vaccine. Coincidence?

    As to the well-respected person, I agree that refrigeration and sanitation have contributed enormous amounts – for fighting diseases borne by open sewage and rotten meat. I think we can safely praise our modern sewage system and refrigeration for suppressing diseases like dysentery and e.coli poisoning. Polio is airborne, spread through human-human contact. Not really a likely candidate for this kind of thing.

    You said in your original post that your body can naturally fight off infection. This is true, it can for the majority of pathogens it encounters. But what about a deadly disease like ebola? Once it gets in it will kill you. Some diseases are just more powerful than the body. Fortunately we can assist the body in either helping to fight the disease or giving it an early warning to look out for the disease should exposure ever occur (vaccination).

    Your thoughts?

  6. Daniel,

    I’m not really getting into this discussion yet (although I am enjoying reading it), but I just wanted to ask you something about the whole need for “critical thinking” and “stupid people” you are complaining about. The question is: How much energy and time have YOU put into researching the best authoritise from the other side of the argument? And I don’t mean authorities that are referred to you by anti-vaccine representatives, but research and argument that the other side would put forth were they given the chance.

    I’m not saying you are wrong at all, and I agree that there is danger in accepting positions that everyone else accepts or that your government or medical authorities want you to accept without thinking for yourself. But, there is also just as much danger in too quickly believing natural, wholistic authorities and anyone who is suspicious of the medical establishment. This is a widespread problem and can be encouraged by our individualistic, anti-authoritarian cultural impulses.

    So basically, have you done the honest research that would really give you the best arguments from the other side? And the internet is not always the best place to find this, although sometimes it is.

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