Skip ahead to the 16 minute mark and you’ll hear the testimony that most makes my heart sing. I ache to know this level of holiness and the Holy Spirit and fire that bring it.


I attended this conference in Dallas in 1998. It was a formative experience in my life. I did not become like the man speaking, but I very much wanted to be. There is no pride in his voice. He is more alive and real than anyone I can remember hearing. This is the result of the Holy Spirit dynamically at work in a person’s life. His name is Sergio Scataglini, and he was a leader in the Argentine Revival of the 80s-90s.

12 years later, I am listening to this audio over and over again. I am compelled to listen to it. When I heard it live, my heart was not ready. But I am uniquely positioned in my life today.

This is the most important audio I have ever heard in my life. Give it a listen if you have some time.

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  1. Wow, that’s amazing! The part about the in-laws was funny. I like what he said about God changing his agenda.

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