Yes, I have mush head. My ears need to pop, I’m sniffing like mad to hold back the tide, and my head feels like mush. Hence, I have mush head. The day has been surprisingly productive despite the mush. I’d say the chances of meeting my daily productivity goals are 97%. The remaining 3% is reserved for any potential post-mush health factors we cannot possibly anticipate yet might lurk around any corner.

I was very disappointed to learn that a friend had let a certain domain name expire. We were going to start a blog/site this time last year. I am to blame for the failure. He had the design ready to go, and it looked good. Here it is a year later, I go to the URL and find that it’s owned by some dude in a slavic country. Not cool. Not cool, but mostly my fault.

Oh well. The blog was going to focus on home decor, and as much as I enjoy seeing it and choosing it, I don’t really know how to describe it. I am by no means the dictionary of all things fashionable. It’s probably for the best. Now we’re talking about other ideas. You never know what’s gonna stick and work out to be the idea.

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