I’m still reeling from the reality of another child in our family. My son, Micah, is amazing. I’m still in shock. With our first child, Katie, we had nine months to obsess over every little detail of what we would do when she was born. This time around, we were trying to sell our house, trying to force open the door to a new season of life, keeping up with a toddler, and Micah sort of just crept up on me. I was so busy with life and suddenly it was time for him to be born.

I still feel like I’m recovering from the shock of what it means to have two children. But every time I hold him and hear his little sleeping whimper, I know this is the best possible outcome of 2010.

Welcome to the world, Micah. You are my firstborn son. I am amazed.

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  1. Hi,

    My name is Megan McDonald and I am a senior Spanish major and journalism minor at TCU. I also work for LKCM Radio, 95.9 the Ranch doing on air work, commercials, and promotions. I am recently involving myself in the world of social networking (other than facebook) and would like to do it with a purpose. I am no idiot, i understand the basics, but any tips from you or advice would be great. I would love to tweet for a reason.., not just annoying updates of what i am doing by the hour. I am also very interested in blogging. I had to create that website for a class I am currently taking, It was free, but I think it could be beneficial and hopefully soon own the the domain.

    Let me know any information or tips or anything…

    Thank you!

    • Megan, thanks for reaching out! I have plenty of thoughts on social networking and social media marketing. I see that you’re majoring in Spanish. What are your goals post-graduation? Are you looking to teach? Or is Spanish one of those passions you have that you plan to incorporate into another field?

    • I want to get a feel for what you’re after. When you say you want to do something more significant, do you already have a passion? A cause, a ministry, a niche industry?

      A little info on where you want to go and what you want to be about, please.

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