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    In Radiology News, Medicexchange.com announced that their directory of medical imaging software is expanding to include radiology software from various companies. The continued creation and accessibility of medical imaging software provides doctor’s with the ability to provide better care for patients. Medicexchange is contributing to this endeavor with the further expansion of its medical software directory to include radiology-related products. Free trial downloads are available, allowing doctors the ability to sample software before making a purchase.

    In the past, radiologists had very limited options for software and prices were outrageously high. A medical imaging software directory like the one at medicexchange.com levels the playing field and makes affordable software options more accessible. Potential benefits for the public include more thorough patient care and less overhead for doctors to build into pricing. Here’s the official press release:
    Medicexchange Announces Expansion of Radiology Product Directory

    Radiologists’ need for greater choice in medical imaging software continues to be met by Medicexchange with the recent expansion of the exclusive Medicexchange digitally-downloadable medical imaging product directory.

    Medicexchange is adding new imaging software weekly and the product directory now includes leading radiology software such as Orthocrat’s TraumaCAD allowing surgeons to develop a pre-operative surgery plan via clinical manipulation of digital orthopedic images, Confirma CADstream software to improve efficiency, access, standardization and compatibility in breast MRI, through to the latest version of eFilm Workstation, the powerful desktop diagnostic imaging software.

    It is now possible to browse products by specialty, modality or software type and each product page now includes a wealth of supporting product and clinical information and related radiology news. The product directory now covers modalities from CT to ultrasound, across specialties from cardiac to musculoskeletal, making it easy for imaging professionals to find exactly what they are looking for.

    The product directory also contains free trial downloads of many products to allow radiologists to try before they buy on Medicexchange. To ensure radiologists are given the best service possible, all users of Medicexchange are provided with free support.

    A radiologist puts the case for the new product directory clearly in a recent Foster & Sullivan report: “What OEMs charge us for software is out of this world – thousands of pounds for one piece of software that can only be used on one terminal – so to have it available on the internet would be great. You’d have more freedom of choice and I’m sure prices wouldn’t be so extraordinarily high.”

    “One-stop-shop (online) access to multiple software solutions offered at cost-effective pricing is increasingly perceived by radiologists to answer their rapidly-evolving software needs,” suggests the White Paper’s authors.

    About Medicexchange:

    Medicexchange.com is an online sales and information channel providing diagnostic, treatment and surgery planning solutions for breast, cardiac, musculoskeletal, abdominal-pelvic, thoracic and neuro imaging from a range of medical software companies. The site provides these solutions in a low-cost, on-demand and digitally-downloadable format for medical imaging professionals, providing access to information and products that are traditionally difficult to access.

    Medicexchange.com is owned and operated by Medicexchange Plc. Medicexchange Plc is a subsidiary company of MGT Capital Investments, Inc. Product and company information can be found on www.mgtci.com. Stock symbol: MGT.

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