Walt on LOST

it’s amazing what you can learn by watching the entire season one on dvd. i’d missed more than i could have imagined. I just learned about Walt – how he makes things happen when he reads or sees pictures of things. This new knowledge changes all my theories completely.

i feel like cinderella late for the ball. most of you LOST fanatics have watched every episode religiously. anything i might say will seem old hat to you… good thing i don’t care.

i was watching the episode where Walt is attacked by a polar bear. his dad and Locke save him. Walt saw the polar bear in the comic book his father burned. in the flashback, Walt saw the bird that crashed into the glass door in his school book.

so did he see something that caused the plane crash? is Walt the cause of everything bizarre and strange?

my wife threw this out for a possibility: someone is drawing children with “special” abilities to the island for study or some other purpose. a psychic tricked the pregnant woman (Claire) into taking the flight because it was absolutely imperative that she raise the child and protect the child. this could mean that her child has special abilities too which would be treated as a sideshow freak if not raise by his mother. or it could have nothing to do Claire and only be about getting the child onto the island.

back to Walt. i wonder if the other comic book frames we were allowed to see were clues. we not only saw the polar bear; we also saw an alien strapped to some kind of table in a scientific or medical lab. and then we saw a picture of an alien spaceship with what appeared to be a metropolitan city at the top of its dome. the comic book was a spanish version of the Green Lantern and Flash.

maybe if i read that comic book i could predict certain other aspects of the future of LOST. Then again, the comic was burned and Walt could look at other pictures (like the ones his dad drew for him) and cause entirely different things to happen. we’ll see.

i haven’t made it through the first season. i have a few episodes left.

bear with me. for those of you who could care less about LOST… what’s wrong with you?

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