There are too many plotlines to keep up with. I cannot follow on a linear path, yet the details are soaking in.

I’ve finally finished watching all of season one on dvd. Things I’ve learned about LOST since my last update:

1. Things happen to animals that Walt sees pictures or drawings of.
2. The Spanish comic book Walt was reading belonged to Hurley before the crash.
3. The Others were specifically after Walt at the end of Season One – not just any child or any boy.
4. If you believe the obvious, Walt has access to a computer by which he communicated with his dad, Michael.
5. Locke could turn out to be a total loon. He believed the island was giving him clues on what to do next, but he might be losing his edge on sanity or faith because he’s been doing nothing new for a while.
6. John Locke was an English philosopher. I’d read his treatise on Human Understanding if I had the time, just to see if the writers of LOST drew anything out of his writings which would clarify some of the mystery.
7. Walt shakes Jack’s or Locke’s hand in Season One and immediately warns him not to open it (the hatch). He displays what would appear to be some kind of psychic or prophetic ability. What exactly is the danger, though? Why does he say not to open it? What will happen because they did?

The Numbers – Hurley won the lottery with the numbers. He heard the numbers from a supposed crazy man in an institution. The crazy man served in the military with another guy in the Pacific. They monitored the air waves. Usually, all they heard was static, but one day, they heard a voice, repeating those numbers. We discover that 16 years ago, Rousseau found a transmitter on the island that was playing voice which repeated those numbers over and over and over. Rousseau recorded a new message in French over the previous one, and set it on a continual loop. This is the distress call Sayid picked up after the Oceanic flight crashed. The numbers were found on the outside of the hatch, and they are the numbers someone has been entering into the computer system below for years. So the numbers are at quite old if men serving in the military decades ago heard the transmission. Why were the numbers on the outside of the hatch? The hatch had no handle or way to open from the outside. It would stand to reason that no one on the outside was intended to have anything to do with it. If that is the case, it is either a serial number, a combination to some kind of lock, a warning of some kind, or something else I haven’t thought of.

John Locke will either figure it out or be responsible for more deaths. That is one of the only opinions I will voice right now. Will Michael find Walt? Why did the Others stop Jack from pursuing Michael, but we see no evidence that they stopped Michael from looking for Walt?

Is Libby really an Other?

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