My wife and I discovered live foods on my birthday. Not something I would have hoped or planned for in advance, but a welcome solution to many a problem. I give credit to Heather and her mom. Both have faithfully pursued health with a zeal unmatched by anyone else I know. Sure, Mrs. Nevland has managed to earn areputation for quirky and healthy things like Barley Green, but the presentation just didn’t do it for me. So we’re at a friend’s house on my birthday to learn how to prepare some excellent raw food dishes.

Sounds harmless enough, right? It is unless you’re married to a woman so passionate about health that she goes out and buys herself a food processor the same day she discovers the Live Food lifestyle. I can’t argue with the logic: live food = live body and dead food = dead body. Before some of you totally freak on me, let me put you at ease by saying that ‘live foods’ are not those which still crawl, walk, fly, or swim. Far from it.

Live food refers to the enzymes and good bacteria naturally living in foods that are not processed or irradiated. It refers to food as God intended – at least pre-Fall. Why God told people to eat meat after the Flood is an unsolved mystery – thogh some postulate this is due to the changing climate and need to draw some nutrients previously found in plants from the only present available source – animals. More later

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