The key word there is might. It’s at least a better show than Survivor or Big Brother 29 (how many times can you do the same stupid thing and make a profit?) At least here we have the chance to laugh. Okay, maybe you prefer watching people behave like selfish, spoiled, deceitful brats. That’s fine, really… you’re just proving the flaws of the American educational system. Eventually, the Last Comic Standing show will turn into the same soap operish slutfest that every other reality show becomes. Sadly, it appears to be the nature of the beast. Maybe the comedians won’t redeem reality tv. But at least I’ll laugh. At least I will be entertained.

At least I will enjoy an ever so brief respite from the absurd waste of prime time television that is REALITY TV. I have to admit that the judges aren’t as biased as I expected. Naturally, the funny guy with cerebral palsy was voted most popular comedian of the night; and naturally, he made it to the next round. But he was funny. It wasn’t a fluke. Check it out on Tuesdays at 7pm EST on NBC. When everything else on prime time is a rerun, it’s better than nothing.

Wow… I’ve really raised the bar of expectation for tv shows, haven’t I?

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