Our God is a God of justice.
I was reminded of this last night when my wife and I received some prophetic encouragement from a group of people at Borders bookstore.

Sometimes God allows his children to be treated unjustly so that he can swoop in and deliver promotion. He IS the God of justice. So when injustice occurs, he has the right to bring justice. He blesses his children with increase and promotion when their hearts are stayed on him.

Be Encouraged.
Focus on the blessings you have: your spouse, your children, your home, your church, your pastor, your extended family, your friends, your health, your spiritual giftings, etc. Whatever you currently posses that is a blessing, thank him for it. Allow yourself to be postured properly so that his promotion can come swiftly.

Follow your heart more than your head. Your earthly logic will tell you that you are about to go bankrupt or get a divorce or lose your friends or lose your good name. You simply cannot allow those thoughts to rule in your mind. Yes, they will come, but you take authority and choose to focus RIGHT THEN on how you are blessed.

You can be certain that God is a God of promotion and increase. Your part is to be thankful for what you do have and not interfere with his imparting blessing to you. One of our biggest challenges is not getting in the way.

He loves us. He will provide for us. He loves righting wrongs. He loves giving good gifts to his children. He loves you very much. You are safe in his love.

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