• Increasing Numbers of Advertisements in Films

    There is a disturbing trend growing in Hollywood. No, not the usual suspects. I’m referring to the proliferation of advertisements in films. I remember, not too long ago, when it was considered a tacky for a film to show too many Starbucks cups or various other brands.

    It was only last summer that I heard about The Island. This futuristic film was packed full of mini-commercials. It was little more than an advertisement for bottled water, video games, and other products.

    I don’t have a problem with natural product placement. After all, it lends some realism to a film to include car brands we drive, food we eat, and clothes we wear, etc.

    Hollywood just sank to an all new low. Harrison Ford stars in a new film called Firewall. The trailer of the film tells the audience to “catch the new Chrysler 300 in Firewall…”

    Excuse me? I’m supposed to watch a movie to see a stupid car??? I normally go to the theater to watch a movie, not shop for cars. I’m hoping that Harrison Ford had nothing to do with the marketing of the film. Last I heard, he was voted America’s favorite actor. He obviously doesn’t need marketing ploys to draw a crowd.

    I was actually okay with the overblown display of Sears’ products on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Though everyone on that show is filthy rich, I have no problem with it because regular people are getting new homes out of it. It’s a fair trade off for me.