That’s right. I’d beat them with a stick! Why I even tried to watch the sequel is beyond me. They can’t stop from irritating me! I’ve never wanted to hurt Robert DeNiro in my life… until now. This poor, moronic Gaylord Focker is the victim. The victim of unfair judgment, of bad decisions, insecurity, and genetic flaws. I simply can’t stand it! I haven’t even made to the introduction of Focker’s parents.

I need a punching bag so I can beat the crap out of something before continuing the movie. Am I alone here? The rest of my family watched the first movie and laughed all the way through. I cringed. I felt for the guy. He was stupid, but he was treated like a bastard womanizing drug-dealing terrorist. I actually remember my surroundings when I watched that movie. I was at my parents’ house with my wife. I hadn’t quit smoking at that point, and I had to go outside in the middle of the movie just to survive.

Isn’t entertainment supposed to entertain? Seriously. I got more stress from that movie than from my job. I had to stop watching television just to calm down. Unbelievable. How can so many things go so wrong for one guy? I mean, really? I know it’s only a movie, but still…. it just wasn’t fun like it was supposed to be. And now I am watching the sequel in segments, only to find that my stress and anxiety are back. Who thought that making these films was a good idea?

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