While I’d like to take some credit for the character and development of our two year old daughter, I know the lion’s share of the credit goes to my wife, Heather. She spends 10 hours a day with her that I miss out on, and during those hours has shaped our baby girl’s heart with every word, response, touch, and smile. Katie’s development is no accident, and I’m taking a moment to honor the one responsible.

Here’s what I know:

1. Katie is the most compassionate child her age that I’ve seen.

2. Katie’s countenance is bright, open, and filled with wonder.

3. Katie does not try to force her will upon other children on the playground, but rather defers to others.

4. Katie has a very strong affection for babies, and shows a well-developed understanding of motherly nurture.

5. Katie has near scary memory recollection – a result of the fish oils and other healthy brain building foods Heather has been giving her since birth (first through nursing and then later through eating).

6. Katie craves very healthy foods. She is the only child I know who loves all the staples of the Mediterranean diet.

7. Katie was sick for the FIRST time around the time she turned two years old. This is further sign that Heather’s often laborious attempts to feed Katie healthy, organic, life-building foods was time well spent.

8. Katie is kind to other children and adults at parties and group settings. I’ve watched her melt other parents’ hearts with her gentle spirit.

9. I’ll never forget the way Katie thanked each child after opening a present on her 2nd birthday. Her level of sincerity was stunning.

10. No matter how difficult the night was (via co-sleeping and attachment parenting), Heather has always smiled at Katie and shown her kindness the next day.

These are just 10 things I know that tell me how much effort my wife has put into our little girl’s life. It has been a labor of love, and the labor has been, at times, extreme.

I honor Heather for caring so much about our daughter that she refused to compromise on details that we’d all be tempted to compromise on for the sake of convenience. She is a wonderful mother, and the proof is in the pudding.

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  1. Before someone chimes in with an argument against children as blank slates, I am NOT saying that I think they are. Each child is unique and has the choice of how to respond to discipline and instruction.

    However, I believe that the amount of discipline and the heart in which the parent disciplines has a significant effect upon the outcome.

    My sister and I were VERY different, and our parents were obviously largely the same. I am fully aware of the fact that our second child may present entirely different challenges than Katie did.

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