I had a miserable day today. I couldn’t focus for anything. Want to know what ADD looks like? It looks like me, frantically scampering through my thoughts in vain attempts to reign in sanity, clarity, and self-control.

On the upside, my wife was a complete doll this evening. She knew I was frustrated and she went out of her way to make me feel supported and encouraged while I worked. I have this weird deal where I feel more calm and peaceful when she is near. So she came into the office and read a magazine while I worked. Just having her nearby helped to calm my thoughts and allowed me the opportunity to focus and get my work done.

Once upon a time, I thought it was cool to have psychological and emotional problems. These were slightly misrepresented in films where the dark, wounded figure seemed to be so poetic and beautiful. Now a problem is a problem. It’s not practical to wish for problems just to live a dramatic life.

Give me fully-functional parts any day over the jumbled mess I sometimes face. Any day. But until then, give me a wife who treats me like mine did today. She made it worth living.

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