When I feel unsure of myself in a group, I tend to behave very seriously, emoting very little. I’d give away nothing, for fear of sharing something that this particular group might not appreciate or, even worse, criticize.

If that sounds like you, take comfort knowing that you’re not the only one. If you feel locked up inside, afraid to share the real you, we need to talk.

Find A Hero

I never knew how much I didn’t really admire my so-called heroes until I met a guy whose nonchalant, easy going attitude stopped me in my tracks. He wasn’t like most influential public speakers. spent most of my life behaving a little stiff and uncreative. Mostly because I felt insecure and uncertain about who I was. And acting serious was my way of trying to avoid the sillyness that some people don’t respect.

His name is Bobby Conner, and he’s all I can write about in my personal journal these past few days. I’m reading one of his books and listening to one of his teachings via podcast.

Why is this guy having such an impact on me? I had to ask because, honestly, he’s not positioned as the thought leader in his space, which happens to be prophetic revelation.

If you’re a serious person who only respects men who are dressed in suit and tie and carry themselves just so, you’ll be ready to walk out of the building within the first five minutes after Bobby starts speaking. And that’s okay, from his perspective. If you hate what he has to say or the way he says it, you’re free to stay or go. You don’t have to fall in line to participate.


Maybe you’re like me. I discovered that my favorite speakers and thinkers and doers in just about every space have both a well-developed sense of humor and authentic humility. They’re willing to laugh at themselves and promote others above themselves. They have no personal or professional agenda more important than loving people and loving this great Earth.

What Does That Say About Me?

If the people who impact me the most are one way, and I’m behaving another way, isn’t that a sign that someone needs to change? And that someone is me.

Every day, I’m writing in my journal and talking to God about things people say that I admire. It’s a process, but I want to become more like them, and shed more of this facade I’ve put on to protect myself from rejection.

What are the two most impactful personality aspects that your heroes have in common?

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