Already very late to the party, FOX continues to prove that they don't understand customer satisfaction. This time last year, you couldn't watch all primetime television shows from FOX. Only a few were available, and you had to watch them on 

This Fall season, FOX got their butts in gear and provided their own streaming video player on their own website. And guess what? You can FINALLY watch House MD online! Hurray!

But wait! There's a catch! You can only watch House 8 days after it airs on television! WHAT?!?!?!? If you happen to miss the show's original air date, you have to wait until one day AFTER the next week's episode. 

This is yet another network television company's attempt to encourage you the viewer to watch the original airing. Which makes no real sense, since FOX can make money through online advertising before and in the middle of shows like every other television station online. 

This is a case of telling the customer to stick it. FOX doesn't care that you can't afford TiVo. FOX doesn't care that you have a family and a life where you can't always sit in front of the boob tube. They want you to watch their show when it airs or they're going to penalize you and make you wait.

The other major television networks take a maximum of 48 hours after television broadcast to post episodes online. Most are available the morning after.

So, FOX, are you going to start thinking about we the people? Or should we just accept that you think you can put us on hold and we won't do anything about it? 

6 responses to “FOX Locks Out House Fans for 8 Days”

  1. Yes, very upset with fox for doing this. I have to work late at times and then I can’t get caught up with the missed episode in time to watch the next one as it airs. Who wants to watch the following episode then catch up on the one prior.

    If anything make it release at least a day before, perhaps Monday! That way, you punish us for not seeing it at air time and we have to wait so long to see it… BUT you actually allow us our ‘fix’ of HOUSE just in time to see the next airing..

    Make sense????

  2. I would be curious to know what their reasoning is. No matter what they freaking stupid. It’s just going to make more people download someones bootleg copy, which BTW is available about an hour after the show ends.

  3. I don’t get it either. People don’t want to watch the episodes online if they don’t have to. It’s not like we go the online way instead of TV to avoid commercials or something.

    They are just screwing themselves over. I end up just staying a week behind and watching all episodes online instead of catching up by watching one episode online, and continuing to follow the TV schedule. Since I effectively cannot catch up on the show, I’m forced to ALWAYS watch house online instead of every now and again. You would think they would have thought that through. I guess they will figure it out eventually. Once they loose money over it, they will pick a different route. 😛

  4. 2010 and still this bs is going on. C’mon Hugh Laurie! You’re richer than God. If you tell them to post the show 6 days after it airs instead of 8 they will listen. Now I’m stuck choosing between skipping an episode or remaining one week behind all season.

  5. This makes me so frustrated. I actually have a dvr and can record my show, but my home is so noisy that i prefer to watch them on my laptop online, in peace. Fox does a great job of having glee available the morning after it airs, but this HOUSE thing is ridiculous. 8 days???? over a week? it’s absolutly crazy. And bad for business, because many times i turn to megavideo or another source to watch it sooner with NO COMMMERICALS! So yeah fox, please ease up on that date. And if you think about it, online shows are even better for advertiserts because you can’t fast forward through them like you can with a dvr or tivo! And who is really gonna get up for 30 seconds to a minute at a time? no one. so they are forced to watch the commercials!

  6. I am in bed by 8 pm since I have to be up at 4 am to go to work. I only get to watch House or any other show that I like online. I try to watch them on the weekend in mass volume. I am way behind on House because most of the time they are behind there 8 day rule. Like the others, I dont understand Fox’s reasons for such a long delay. Most of the time since its a pain to wait for them, I just wait for the season to come out on video and then I rent them from Netflix. No commercials and I can watch them when I want. It also gives another show the ratings that would have gone to Fox…

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