I’m here to tell you that dying to self is not all bad. The weeks, months, and years leading up to it can be pretty rough, but the actual experience of dying to self is more a mixture of pain and pleasure.

As I surrender my will, my agenda, and my rights, a delicious peace and calm fall over me. I don’t have to fight anymore. The struggle is typically what brings the most pain, so surrender is actually quite sweet.

I found this experience most recently when I gave up my wannabe blog empire. I had dozens of blog ideas and domains registered. I was ready to take on the world and become a one-man income generating sack of awesome. But that’s not where God has me. I am not the primary. I am here to support others in their endeavors. And the rest is up to Him. I don’t have to maintain an online reputation or build an empire. I simply have an opportunity to serve and to serve well.