There’s no excuse for it. The Cowboys were not outplayed. They were not beaten by a better team. They lost because they made poor decisions and poor plays. In other words, they beat themselves. The Washington Redskins came out today fully aware that their season was passing them by. They had to stop the Cowboys to have any chance at post-season play this year. Obviously, certain individuals made classic mistakes that cost the Dallas Cowboys a vital win which would have strategically placed them within striking distance of the division leading New York Giants. Here’s this week’s CultureFeast Cowboys Commentary:

  • Tony Romo is THE MAN. There is no doubt that Romo is the QB of the future. Yes, it’s only been two and a half games, but Romo plays with poise and composure found in seasoned veterans. His game stats would make any head coach happy.
  • Terrell Owens needs to keep his mouth shut until he can stop dropping momentum shifting balls.
  • Marion Barber should be THE starting running back for Dallas. He’s explosive and contributes more spirit and energy to the game than Julius Jones ever dreamed.
  • The coaching staff made the mistake of calling for the two-point conversion after the Cowboys’ first touchdown. It was an impulsive, rookie mistake made by a veteran staff.
  • Terry Glenn needs more touches per game. He is far too important for this team’s success to be ignored.
  • Jason Whitten needs more touches per game. He is the anchor of the team. No one can stop him. He’s a bull, and creates first downs on a consistent basis.
  • Andre Ware deserves a raise. He’s the heart of the Dallas defense.
  • Whoever missed the blocks which resulted in a game ending field goal block should lose a week’s salary. That play cost us the game.

That’s it for this week’s CultureFeast Cowboys Commentary. All we fans can do is look forward to next weekend and this coming week’s fair and biased commentary by Randy Galloway. Lucky us.

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