The Internet, Anxiety, and Poor Writing Skills

When I began copywriting for websites, I started by searching through some how-to articles for pointers. I was aggravated and disappointed to find everyone recommending simple, direct, and action-packed. Not that I have a problem with engaging content, it’s just that all the classics of literature take the time to establish the setting and characters. […]

5 Steps to Become a Copywriter

Karen, a virtual friend of mine whom I met on MySpace, asked me a while back for some suggestions on how to become a copywriter. I’ve put it off because to answer that question means to actually take more than the usual 5-10 minutes I spend writing each post. I’m not lazy, just busy. In […]

My First Book is in the Works

It’s true… It’s in the works. I announced this to my friends and family a few months ago on MySpace, but I thought I’d go ahead and mention it here. I’ve given myself until January of next year to complete this book, though God knows I’d love to finish early and start shopping it around. […]


show me one just a glimpse that which all things stretch an infinite distance towards with hungry hopes to apprehend walk with me speak of things unnoticed when last we met under the tree glance outside long enough to catch a star hanging lowly like a branch above the window make a wish or make […]

Urbis: Calling All Writers

There are two totally hip communities for writers which have sprung out of MySpace communities: Urbis and WritersCafe. I’m a member of both, but I spend more time on Urbis. Writer’sCafe has done what every good community should do: they created buttons for members to post on their blogs/websites that both advertise the site and […]