There are two totally hip communities for writers which have sprung out of MySpace communities: Urbis and WritersCafe. I’m a member of both, but I spend more time on Urbis. Writer’sCafe has done what every good community should do: they created buttons for members to post on their blogs/websites that both advertise the site and link back. Lots of people like to boast or show off their memberships like gold stars.

Visit and you’ll see what I mean. The participation concept is brilliant. You earn credits for every time you write a review of someone else’s writing. You can post your own writings as well, but you can’t view reviews of your work without spending some of your credits. Everyone wants feedback, and this encourages writers to consistently review others in order to earn the feedback they want.

There is still room for improvement on the site. In order to keep visitors longer, the site will have to eventually incorporate additional community features. That’s okay. It’s a relatively new community.

Check it out today. Tell when you post your own writings and I’ll review them for you.

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