• The Entrepreneur’s Hierarchy Of Needs

    I’m halfway through Module Two of Jeff Walker‘s Product Launch Formula class online. We’re elbow deep in product testing at the Dessinger homestead, and Jeff is helping to frame the launch we will undertake in the very near future. During one of the first videos of PLF Core, Jeff introduced a chart he called the Entrepreneur’s Hierarchy of […]

  • Raising Children to Think Like Entrepreneurs

    This is one of my favorite all-time family pics. I call this “Beach Hustle.” My daughter Katie wasn’t reading yet, so don’t geek out too much. But I love this photograph because it puts two worlds together that I couldn’t have imagined a decade ago. My daughter has a wholly different understanding of normal than […]

  • Four Levels of Reputation Monitoring Prowess

    Everyone comes to the Reputation Monitoring party at one stage or another. Maybe you’re a rookie, bumbling around and covering up your mistakes because you don’t know any better. Maybe you’re an empath, getting dirty in the trenches while you ooze sympathy for everyone’s feelings. Perhaps  you’re a veteran, wise enough to know thy enemy […]

  • Premium Outlet Mall Coming to South Grand Prairie

    NBC's local Channel 5 News team just announced that a premium outlet shopping mall is headed for south Grand Prairie. Along the Hwy 360 and I-20 corridor, a San Marcos-style outlet mall is planned for the near future. Christmas shopping fanatics like the Wellspring Church women's group will no longer have to travel hours beyond […]

  • Bank of America Mortgage Software Intentionally Flawed?

    It's a sad day when you realize that you can't trust an institution like Bank of America to deal fairly. You would expect a Fortune 500 company like Bank of America to ensure that their software was functional and capable of serving the needs of their customers. Not so. Recent experience has taught me that […]

  • Internal Linking Strategies For Blogs

    Okay, half of my friends and family already checked out because the title involves search engine optimization. That's okay. Those of you willing and brave enough to continue, let's get on with it.  As a search marketer, one of the key strategies I employ in on-site optimization includes internal linking strategy. Here's a quick summary […]

  • The Need for Reputation Management Increases Across the Web

    As I mentioned previously in ReputationAdvisor.com, the "web 2.0" space (sorry Nathan – I know how much you love that term) has grown and matured to the point that the what is written or posted on the Internet can make or break a company's profitability. Reputation was a priceless commodity back in 1950s small town […]

  • Gen Y Sets New Standards for Career Ambitions

    Penelope Trunk wrote a blog post referencing a report written by Stan Smith. She quotes Smith concerning Gen X and Gen Y: "The real revolution is a decrease in career ambition in favor of family time, less travel, and less personal pressure." While Baby Boomers still set the standard for most corporations, that reality is […]

  • Using Traditional Media to Educate the Masses About Search Marketing

    Rand posted an SEOMoz comment this morning, with some illustrations of really underhanded advertising for search marketing. He then asked a question I have asked myself for months: “So what are we to do, fellow SEOs? After 10 years of attempting to educate the outside world, is it time to give up the game and […]

  • 2 Mistakes Beginners Make When Building A Website

    Today, we’re talking about online user experience. Granted, this is the type of post that belongs on my Reputation Management blog, so I’ll be brief and expand on it there later. It’s still worth my time to cover these topics here or on MySpace because those are the places where my Internet illiterate friends hang […]