This is one of my favorite all-time family pics. I call this “Beach Hustle.”

My daughter Katie wasn’t reading yet, so don’t geek out too much. But I love this photograph because it puts two worlds together that I couldn’t have imagined a decade ago. My daughter has a wholly different understanding of normal than I had at her age.

I never knew any kids whose parents owned a business. It never occurred to me as a child that people actually own businesses. In my ignorant childhood world, businesses were just these buildings with lots of stuff that sold things to people like my parents. That’s about it.

Every generation we ought to be striving to improve upon the knowledge base of our families. For instance, my kids are asking how to earn money to buy land, houses, and cars at the age of FIVE. Do what? I was a teenager before I even thought about how I would buy a car.

The Entrepreneurial Difference

Every day our kids watch us hustle to make things happen….

The Result

Growing up as the child of employee parents who were very generous gift givers meant I reached adulthood pretty much unprepared to be a useful citizen. I had never seen anyone pursue a dream. I had never seen anyone display entrepreneurial grit. I had never seen anyone delay gratification other than my sister. And I never considered what I hadn’t seen.

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