When all else fails, God is faithful.

It’s true, but it’s hard to hear when you get fired, you get dumped, your father abandoned your family, your friend commits suicide, your husband cheats on you with another woman, or you are betrayed by a friend.

Life is hard. God IS faithful, but you might not be able to believe that until you have a history of his faithfulness in your life.

Some people like to claim that they can have faith in Jesus and have received his salvation without joining or attending a local body of believers (church). This is true, but what these people DON’T realize is that they are sorely lacking some tools that will help them in this life.

Let’s take a look at how we build a history of knowing God’s faithfulness. These are not necessarily in order:

1. Ask God for big and small things. Ask God for everything you desire.
2. Submit to the authority of a local body of believers.
3. Find at least 2-3 Christians you respect and build relationship with them (same sex, just in case that wasn’t obvious).
4. Write down your desires when you ask God for them.
5. Go back to that journal and note when and how God answers your prayers.
6. Re-visit older journal entries that remind you what God has done in the past.
7. Talk with your Christian friends about what God has done in your lives.
8. Thank God for his goodness even when you haven’t seen him do something obvious in a while.

There are more things than these that you can do, of course. And I don’t want you to feel like you have to live up to this list in order to have God’s love or approval, because that would be nonsense. But these are practical steps which will help you to foster a spirit of gratefulness and remembrance.

God doesn’t always call us to major activities with spotlights and cameras and audiences. But he does ALWAYS call each of us to have personal responsibility for our actions AND our thoughts and beliefs. We can affect our thoughts and beliefs every day. We just have to choose to do it.

Have a blessed day. May God speak to you and give you fresh revelation that sparks greater confidence in Him.

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