• Speak To Tell Yourself What to Believe

    I wanted to share something that matters today. Something real. There’s enough fluff on the internet already.  I’m actively limiting my social media exposure right now. I find that comparisons and negativity are infectious, and I don’t need any of it. While FOMO is real and being “in the know” is exciting, I can’t seem […]

  • I Miss Human Proximity

    I’ve seen dozens of article headlines about what we as a civilization are missing out on this past year due to COVID-19. Human touch, human interaction, exercise, comfort, conflict resolution, you name it.  As I type this, though, I’m thinking about one particular need: human proximity. I have a YouTube video open on my laptop playing an […]

  • We Need to Learn To Listen To Each Other’s Suffering

    Privilege, good fortune, and health can shelter us from experiencing the levels of sickness, pain, and loss that cause a person to lose hope.

  • It’s Time To Own Your Story

    I’ve struggled for years with disclosing personal details. I know, I’ve shared A LOT on social media already compared to many people. But when sharing comes easily, you can say a lot without disclosing everything. 

  • Your Unique Value And the Fear that Hides It

    We all (?) have dreams of becoming someone who is loved, admired, appreciated, and respected. To be valued for who we are and for what we do – when we are doing what matters to us most – is the dream. 

  • Three Questions To Ask Yourself So You Can Begin Pursuing Your Purpose

    If you’re like me, you’ve read dozens of books and articles about purpose while you search for the reason you exist. It’s a question everyone faces at some point. Some people find answers, some people give up the search, and still others are perpetually searching or waiting. 

  • Yelling is Yelling is Yelling

    Have you ever met one of those people who yells when they speak emphatically? You have now. I never considered my emphatic speaking as yelling because I was just showcasing how strongly I felt. 

  • Love What You Do

    It’s a simple statement that requires pause to consider. I heard Seth Godin say this on an old podcast this week. 

  • The Dream vs The Idea

    What dream have you been holding onto for five, ten, twenty years? How many steps have you taken toward that goal?  If your answer is “none”, I’d like to suggest that it’s possible you don’t want what you think you want.  Growing up, my family talked a lot about camping. We purchased the tent, sleeping […]

  • Should You Be Satisfied Or Hungry?

    It’s one of those topics that divides a room. There’s always at least three groups in the room.  Group 1 believes that a life always focused on attaining something in the future is a life spent never enjoying the present. Group 2 believes that a life always focused on the present sacrifices the future. Group […]