• Yelling is Yelling is Yelling

    Have you ever met one of those people who yells when they speak emphatically? You have now. I never considered my emphatic speaking as yelling because I was just showcasing how strongly I felt. 

  • Love What You Do

    It’s a simple statement that requires pause to consider. I heard Seth Godin say this on an old podcast this week. 

  • The Dream vs The Idea

    What dream have you been holding onto for five, ten, twenty years? How many steps have you taken toward that goal?  If your answer is “none”, I’d like to suggest that it’s possible you don’t want what you think you want.  Growing up, my family talked a lot about camping. We purchased the tent, sleeping […]

  • Should You Be Satisfied Or Hungry?

    It’s one of those topics that divides a room. There’s always at least three groups in the room.  Group 1 believes that a life always focused on attaining something in the future is a life spent never enjoying the present. Group 2 believes that a life always focused on the present sacrifices the future. Group […]

  • Resentment Is Dangerous

    I don’t have the energy to spell out a scenario that might apply to you. What you need to know is that you’re hurting yourself and your future when you hold onto resentment.  It’s a poison. It feels justified. Why should he or she get off Scott free? Where’s the justice? How is that fair? […]

  • My Son Has A Key Advantage

    This is the last day my youngest son will be six years old. He’s growing up and I love the person he already is.  What a treasure to us both. Each child is unique and special. What set him apart early was how openly and easily he folded into receiving affection from both parents. He […]

  • Suffering Is The Greatest Opportunity

    No one likes suffering. I hate it. And yet I know that in suffering I have learned love and compassion to a greater degree than in any other way.  It is so easy and automatic to pray selfish prayers. It is so easy to assume our agenda is God’s agenda.  I grew up in a […]

  • The Hardest Part of Saying What You Mean

    I’ve started more than a hundred articles that never saw the light of day. Sound extreme?  It is. And yet, it’s completely reasonable. As I’ve aged, I see the world differently. I see my role in this world much differently. And I can’t justify mouthing off at 43 like I did at 33.  Everything has […]

  • During the Pandemic, I’m Concerned About Our Love

    I’ve remained silent on issues related to COVID-19 for a while now because I feel the need to be intellectually honest enough to admit when the jury’s still out – when conflicting scientific sources surface regularly.  I’m taking the precautions that I feel are wise for my family at this time. It would be arrogant […]

  • Should I Be Silent? Or Am I Just Afraid?

    There are times when you need to speak up. There are times when you need to remain silent. I am not going to tell you which is which. But we each need to grow in discernment to recognize the times and the seasons of our lives.  All you have to do is reread the parable […]