new Celtic superstarsWho would have thought a lottery team that lost more games than they won would be the favorite to win the East in 2007-2008 upcoming season? How did this happen?

Two franchises in the West completely blew up their rosters and are rebuilding around younger talent, while Boston created a three-headed green machine in Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce. All three are notable All-Stars all who were the centers of attention on their former teams. While Boston fans have reason to hope for amazing things, the question remains: can these three super stars co-exist?

Absolutely. None of them have ever been in a situation where the pressure was shared by anyone else. I think that all three will thrive in this environment. All three are respected NBA vets, and at this point in their careers, they will set their egos aside and play fundamentally unselfish basketball.

The closest experience Allen, Garnett, and Pierce have ever had to this situation was during All-Star games. These NBA superstars are rejuvenated and ready to go. But wait! There is a downside for Boston: all three of these guys are in there thirties, so this is only a temporary quick fix. It's likely to be a 2 year window of opportunity, so they had better get it done in that time frame.

Who can compete w/ Boston in the East? Only a few teams have a chance. Detroit? Not likely. Their best chance at the title is over! Lebron and his JV squad are also not likely. Last year was a fluke. Chicago? They're a player and a younger less offensive Ben Wallace away from being a contender. Still, Chicago is a step above most teams in the East – mostly because of good hardnose coaching and young talent.

The only thing keeping Boston from winning a whole bunch of games and taking the weak East would be injuries. Hopefully I am not chewing my foot off come May.

Here is a look at there new rotation:

Point Guard – Rajon Rondo
Shooting Guard – Ray Allen
Small Forward – Paul Pierce
Power Forward – Kevin Garnett
Center – Olowokandi  
Look for Danny Ainge now that he has saved his job to sign some free agents if the cap allows it. THEY DESPERATELY NEED A POINT GUARD!
I also hear that Dale Harris is available and looking to come out of retirement early.

3 responses to “Big Ticket in Bean Town: Celtic Superstar Status Returns”

  1. I’ll be really interested to see how Big Baby, Glen Davis, does on the Celtic team. The Mavericks passed him up in the draft because he is supposed too slow and out of shape.

    I’m betting that he gets it together and makes the Mavs ridiculously embarrassed. And instead of another Karl Malone-ish player, we (the Mavs) will have another Shawn Bradley!

    Three cheers for stupid draft choices!

  2. Big Baby reminds me of this guy who got a lot of hype a couple of years ago named Micheal Sweetny – big disapointment! Maybe Glen Davis will be alright. If i was Danny Ainge, I would use him for trade bait. Boston really needs a veteran “pass first” point guard and the only guy out there in free agency is Brevin Knight. They need a reliable center. Olowokandi is a free agent- and not much better than any body else in free agency. Would you give up JJ Barea and one of the other Mav rookies for Glen Davis? Because that would be a possibility. There is a crazy rumor i read online that The Mavs are interested in PJ Brown and possibly interested in Chris Webber and Dallas is one of Webber’s top choices. That was before the Boston trade happened though- Bet he wouldn’t mind going there for a chance at a ring.

  3. Would I trade JJ Barea? Not if I can help it. The moment Devin Harris can’t cut in during the game, I’m yanking him out and putting Barea in. He’s a solid backup – much more solid than most people would have given him credit for until his second solid summer league in a row.

    I just wish we’d taken Big Baby over the next great white hype. I haven’t heard anyone say that this guy the Mavs picked is anything special. The comparisons to Dirk are laughable.

    Back to Barea. Harris has been my favorite Mav since Nash left. He’s the guy I put my money on. The fact that I wouldn’t sweat substituting Barea for Harris is a testament to Barea’s ability, not so much a dig against Devin.

    Though I have to say, as far as carrying one’s self on the court, Barea exudes more confidence than Devin. Devin always has this schoolboy question mark on his face. He needs to ditch that and get some confidence.

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