Attractions That No Longer Exist in DFW

Today I happened across a forum discussion about a DFW attraction that no longer exists, and it kickstarted a chain reaction of memories. Here are a few attractions that no longer exist, but were once a BIG deal in DFW:

Sesame Place (now a Walmart on Esters and Airport Freeway in Irving) – theme park with tons of activities for kids.

International Wildlife Park (Grand Prairie) – flooded twice in 1989. 200+ acre preserve that was located directly across Beltline from the Race Track in Grand Prairie.

Casa Bonita (Hulen Mall, Fort Worth) – only the coolest Mexican restaurant EVER.

White Water – Water park now a Ford dealership on northwest corner of I-30 and Beltline in Grand Prairie.

What else have I forgotten?

Beltline Station (Hwy 183 and Beltline Rd in Irving) – Go carts, arcade, and batting cages. Possibly also mini golf. Very similar to Putt Putt Golf and Games, I think.

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6 thoughts on “Attractions That No Longer Exist in DFW”

  1. My wife and her best friend had my wife’s bachelorette party at Beltline Station.

    How about The Movie Studios of Las Colinas? That’s pretty much died off.

    I guess you could also list Texas Stadium.

  2. Malibu Grand Prix and Sky Rapids where Lone Star Park is currently. Directly across from the grounds of Lion Country Safari or International Wildlife Park whose entrance was off of Hunter Ferrel Road just west of Beltline Road.

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