Wow… this brings back memories. Though Time has created enough space that the emotions no longer overwhelm, memories of teenage years and April rains are still fresh in mind. I miss that old blue GAP button up sweater I used to wear. I never cared that it got wet. I can almost smell the smells that came with being outdoors in the rain.
I love Las Colinas. Las Colinas in the spring makes me feel that anything is possible, and that everything happens for a reason.

Hmm….. yeah…… I’m hungry…..what’s for lunch?

Added at 9:56pm:

Scratch all that warm fuzzy stuff. Some areas of Denton County have received at least 7.4 inches of rain throughout today and tonight. That’s record setting for the past 30 years. Flash flooding in Denton has made it necessary to close roads and evacuate a retirement home.

My wife and I just spent a good ten minutes in the bathroom, keeping her, the baby, and the kitty protected. The sirens are off now. No hail around here this time, though a week or two ago we had larger than golf ball sized hail dent our cars, crack a car windshield and damage our roof.

Winds of 50-60 mph have been reported. Where we live, they announced 50mph+ winds moving in two different directions.

We’re just grateful for no more property damage. Let’s hope that this is a sign that the North Texas drought is over.

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  1. That must be the same day that I nearly got washed away in the hospital parking lot. I couldn’t jump over the torrential rivers running down the gutter areas. Too wide and too deep. The water came up over the edges of my shoes. I now make a very attractive “squishing” sound when I walk.

    You will be pleased to know that we now live in “lakeside” real-estate. Maybe we could use
    your skills in advertising our resort.

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