Most every deep thought I meditate on stems from a quote I’ve read or heard elsewhere. Case in point:
If you want to be promoted, excel at your occupation. If you want to have a nice house, take good care of the one you have now. If you want people to listen to your counsel, have a successful life so you have credibility (talk is cheap). If you want to be happy focus on what is going good in your life (not what is wrong in the world) and cultivate thankfulness.
If you want to have a great relationship with God, give yourself completely to Him…If you only seek Christ in crisis than don’t be surprised if crisis becomes your lifestyle. If you want to write books, start writing articles.
Stop waiting for someone to come along and discover you, take responsibility for your own success in God. By God’s grace you have been given the ability to work hard!- Kris Vallotton
 The truths found in this quote eluded me all my life; especially the “have a successful life so you have credibility (talk is cheap)”. This is why I’ve removed nearly all my other websites. Talk IS cheap, and I have lots of it.
I need to live more life, take more chances, build some things with my own two hands, and grow some food out of the ground.
Maybe then… someday… I’ll have something to say.

2 responses to “Live a Little More – Talk a Little Less”

  1. I find it fascinating that circumstances as accidental as my looking at a new blog ’cause I like his wife (my interest is natural eating) to a guy who is taking a break from writing (had no idea, I struggle to write myself) but the thing I end up reading is a quote that I sorely needed to read (even though I’m not Christian) about a simple wisdom that reaches beyond religion to something far more fundamental.

    “If you only seek Christ in crisis than don’t be surprised if crisis becomes your lifestyle.” This. I forgot this. I am spiritual without a preferred religion, (the reasons for this are lengthy & another story) meaning I seek out frequently to that which I see as something much Wiser than I am. But I get caught up in crisis mode now & again, forgetting that I don’t have to stay in it, even if things aren’t fixed yet. I’ve had a crisis of belief lately. Not in who I believe in, but in finding whether or not the whole Faith process works. On a level I can’t easily explain here, this quote (particularly this section including the next phrase about writing) has helped me make that shift back to remembering why Faith is so important. And why I choose to believe that it will end up okay. Better than okay. I just forget sometimes.

    So, for what it’s worth, thank you for your ‘cheap talk’. I have a feeling that sometimes we need to hear that someone else is affected by our words, and that it’s good to keep talking too. 🙂

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