June 2010

July 1st Kicks Off a New Holiday

For those of you who have waited and hoped for a trouble-free internet connection at your local Starbucks, the wait is over. July 1st, 2010 marks a new holiday for us all. Free the Wifi Day is upon us. Join us in celebrating this momentus occasion. Bring your laptop, netbook, or iPad and work from […]

Who IS Dominique Jones? Video Highlights

[youtube:] Check this guy out. I had no idea who he was until after the draft. The Mavericks’ front office was SO stoked about getting him, saying he was among the top 3 shooting guards in the draft (what do I know? I don’t keep up with college ball anymore). He’s got the moves. Suddenly, I’m in a much better mood. Go Mavs! Here’s a quick interview with Dominique to get you acquainted. [youtube:] Here’s one more interview. This one was taken a week before the draft. [youtube:]

Discipleship 101: Become a Disciple. Yes, You.

Lesson #1: Become a Disciple I received a heavy prophetic word from a respected member of my church back in the summer of 2001. He said he felt the Holy Spirit strongly urging me that “wherever you go, find spiritual authority and submit to it. This is really important for you. If you don’t, you could miss out on some things God has for you in the future.” I didn’t follow this warning as seriously as I should have, and it cost me dearly. I have scars to prove it pays to listen to the warnings of the Lord. Even […]

New Guest Post on God’s Divine Waiting Game

Check out my latest post on entitled: The Frustration and Pleasure of God’s Divine Waiting Game. It’s a continuation of the theme I’ve been developing here over the past week. The general theme here has been vision, pursuit, prayer, confusion, disappointment, and waiting. A thrill a minute, I tell ya.