we began this new year in intimate embrace
a symbol of the coming year
for to you i pledge my love afresh
and write to tell you what to expect

this year i draw near
nearer than before
this year i am unfettered
by the chains that bound me before
this year i will humble myself
and allow myself to be known
this year i will seek your heart
as a treasure without price
this year my pursuit will be marked by persistance,
endurance, and unyielding resolve
this year the yearning swells inside
for hearts to touch as delicately as i touch your skin
this year i will reek of the yearning
i will smell of it, drip with it, project it, embody it
this year, the yearning will drip
like scented oil from my beard
this year i will anoint your head with kisses
and shower your ears with praises
this year i will seek you
as the young man in Song of Songs
this year i will leap from mountain top to mountain top
to reach my beloved
to draw her into my bedchamber
to delight in the blossoming fragrance of her femininity
to prove what is the transforming power
in the heart of a woman
to prove to you and those who will admire you
that this power and brilliance in your smile
that the sparkle and gleam in your eye
is born out of the tender love and adoration
of your humble husband

i declare it because it is true
i prophesy it to the four corners of the earth
my words will be challenged
and tested for truth
and through it all you will see
that which you’ve longed for
and doubted you’d ever see
this is the year i will draw you to me.

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