Today I happened across a forum discussion about a DFW attraction that no longer exists, and it kickstarted a chain reaction of memories. Here are a few attractions that no longer exist, but were once a BIG deal in DFW:

Sesame Place (now a Walmart on Esters and Airport Freeway in Irving) – theme park with tons of activities for kids.

International Wildlife Park (Grand Prairie) – flooded twice in 1989. 200+ acre preserve that was located directly across Beltline from the Race Track in Grand Prairie.

Casa Bonita (Hulen Mall, Fort Worth) – only the coolest Mexican restaurant EVER.

White Water – Water park now a Ford dealership on northwest corner of I-30 and Beltline in Grand Prairie.

What else have I forgotten?

Beltline Station (Hwy 183 and Beltline Rd in Irving) – Go carts, arcade, and batting cages. Possibly also mini golf. Very similar to Putt Putt Golf and Games, I think.

It’s a simple thing, transformation. It’s not complicated. It doesn’t require men and women to become super geniuses and strategists. Shady Grove Church moved to its new location at the beginning of June. I have noticed that this is a season of community building. Families far and wide are moving closer to the new building to participate in the growing community of Shady Grove. God has plans and purposes beyond our ability to track. Highway 161 is being extended from Hwy 183 (Airport Freeway) to Interstate 20. That means freeway access running through the heart of Grand Prairie. It means a freeway exit will be located beside the new Shady Grove building. It means new commerce will emerge to surround some of the freeways entrances and exits.

There is something prophetic about the building of this highway. Something about building a new path for life to flow through this old and pathetic city. South Grand Prairie has been thriving, but the rest of the city has been left to rot for decades. But change is coming. Change is happening. City planners are excited. City officials are invigorated by the promise of growth, renovation, and rebirth. Given twenty or thirty years, Grand Prairie could be a nearly unrecognizable place to live and do business. That is only considering the physical changes on the horizon.

What about spiritual changes? What is happening in this town? The leaders of dozens of churches in the city are crying out to the Lord to bring a revival and a display of His glory to this area. They are praying and interceding for the unsaved, for those who do not know Jesus. Divine strategies and actions are in place that neither you nor I recognize. You can be certain, however, that God has marked Grand Prairie. It is the center of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, after all. We’ll track the changes and keep you informed.