Some days the words just don’t flow. The well has run dry. The rest of life has a tight grip on your attention.

When you’re not a pro blogger, you blog when you can fit it in. When you can make it work. Not everyone is a full-time blogger. Trust me. When you’ve seen dozens of top notch bloggers burnt to toast and desperate to develop bus’inesses that live independent of content creation, you’re going to adjust your expectations. Writing can still be fun and meaningful without being the one thing you do to earn an income.

But thats not how the plan worked out

It used to feel like an insult that I, the guy who obsessed about blogging and knew all the ins and outs of the industry, was not the pro blogger of the family. Heather took over that role and honed her craft faithfully for years while I worked at small agencies consulting for SEO and social media. And yet I saw myself as a blogger. I talked about WordPress more than anyone else I knew. I was hooked on analytics… waiting for a hint of virality to go hog wild over.But I cast my net too wide and ultimately walked away from blogging for several years while Heather built her business.

I was trying to be someone other than me

It took me a long time to realize that I am a much more casual and spontaneous sort of writer. Some spontaneity can be trained and honed into a well-oiled practice. But the joy of writing and blogging for me has always been sharing from the heart as it comes. There’s not a ton of interest in a guy who does that. At least, not unless he’s built his name and reputation elsewhere. You can inspire a select few with inspirational jargon and introspection. But that kind of style isn’t likely to get any recognition until at least the author has passed. 

I’m no longer writing to be famous. I’m writing because it’s what I do. And that’s the way Daniel go.