It’s obvious that the Dallas Mavericks’ roster needs some serious attention. Granted, if the Atlanta Hawks or New York Knicks could get their hands on this roster, they’d wet themselves. But we’re not New York or sucky Atlanta. We’re the big D, the home of the next NBA dynasty… at least, that’s what we thought.

Now we’d settle for another run at the title. We’d settle for someone who can stop Baron Davis from playing like Superman. In short, we need someone like Rashard Lewis.

As I’ve admitted in previous posts, I know very little about free agency and the current status of players’ contracts. If you keep up with that kind of thing, you probably won’t find my sports opinions very useful. They’re more for the dreamer than the know-it-all fantasy league member.

In a previous post, I called on the Mavericks to trade Dirk Nowitski. Cuban made it clear in his recent teary-eyed lovefest at Nowitski’s MVP ceremony that he thinks Dirk is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Which means no trade. No consideration of trade. No entertaining the hypothetical benefits of trade. Cuban is the wizard behind the curtain, and his strongest feelings will win out over anyone else’s reason.

So since we’ve got ourselves a giant German dilemma, we best get to steppin’ and find him some serious help on the perimeter. And you can’t find a better free agent this summer than Seattle hero, Rashard Lewis. As far as free agents are concerned, he’s the baddest, most expensive option out there. He also would rather stick with Seattle, or so he says after opting out of his last 2 years on the contract. Methinks it just a safe way to not tick off the team you can count on in case the other teams’ offers suck.

Based on the 2006-2007 regular season stats, let’s take a gander at the league leaders:

Points Per GameÂ

  • Kobe Bryant – 31.6 pts
  • Carmelo Anthony – 28.9 pts
  • Gilbert Arenas – 28.4 pts
  • LeBron James – 27.3 pts
  • Michael Redd – 26.7 pts

Rebounds Per Game

  • Kevin Garnett – 12.8
  • Tyson Chandler – 12.4
  • Dwight Howard – 12.3
  • Carlos Boozer – 11.7
  • Marcus Camby – 11.7

I could go on to assists, steals, blocked shots, and turnovers, but you won’t find a Dallas Maverick in the top 5 in any major category except free throw percentage, where Nowitski did have an amazing 90% free throw shooting average.

When looking for suitable support for Dirk, Dallas better be going down the list of leaders and seeing who they might get in a trade. Toss a couple guards and a draft pick at someone for their team’s star. Do whatever it takes. Phoenix has proven that it doesn’t take a deep bench to win playoff games. And San Antonio has proven that starting superstar talent and a deep bench win championships.

Dallas supposedly had the winning combo, but unfortunately the depth of their bench is significantly better in the league than the talent of their starting 5. As much as I like the guys, Jason Terry, Eric Dampier, and Devin Harris are all expendable. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone will ever consider taking on Dampier’s massive (and undeserved) contract. Devin Harris could probably develop into a top 10 point guard in the next 2 years, but he and Terry are probably the only 2 starters that Dallas will consider trading. Terry alone isn’t enough to get someone worthwhile, so they’re either going to have to trade both guards and a pick or Terry, a pick, and some cash.

Gilbert Arenas would still be an awesome move too. I’m looking at Rashard Lewis and Gilbert Arenas and Tracy McGrady, and I think we can’t do better than these three. Vince Carter is definitely someone I would refuse. We don’t need a spoiled crybaby on the team. We already had Antoine Walker.

Some would argue that Dallas has never been a thuggish team, and that Arenas would only spoil the attitude. There is defintiely a chance of that, but we also want someone with enough confidence to carry the team in the playoffs. Dirk doesn’t have it, and I seriously doubt he’ll develop it. Something has to change, and it needs to start with how the management and coaches view the actual abilities and attitude of this team.

7 responses to “Will the Dallas Mavericks Pursue Rashard Lewis?”

  1. Actually, I looked at every major defensive category as well. But I see your point. I don’t want a ball hog per se, but I would obviously love a Dwayne Wade on our team.

    Basically, I freak out over keeping Dirk if we can manage to bring in a complimentary superstar to feed him the ball and to drive to the hole when we need it. In this year’s playoffs, Devin Harris provided the most penetration we’ve had since Steve Nash.

    Dirk doesn’t have confidence in himself. He used to depend on Nash. Now it’s all on him, and he doesn’t really want that pressure. He wants to be the silent but deadly shooter.

    So whether he’s a ball hog or not, find me someone who will bring REAL confidence back to the Mavericks.

  2. Looking at the top five in every offensive category is misleading, as Nowitzki finished at the top in the one area where it is most important for a team: efficiency. Simply put, on each possession, no one delivers more than Dirk (well, okay, Dwyane Wade does, but with his injury I conveniently removed him). Looking at your list, it seems you want guys that hog the ball, chuck it, and generally do more individually than helping their team.

    That said, we could use someone like Rashard Lewis. Let’s get him!

  3. Now there’s a little press about conspiracy theories that Dallas should consider trading Dirk for Kobe Bryant straight up.

    I personally would welcome the trade, but no one else would.

    No, I don’t like Kobe’s personal reputation. Yes, he’s the best scorer in the NBA.

  4. I agree with offensive approach you guys have but why not a defensive approach like maybe Camby or Kirelinko. But who knows maybe the drfat picks we get this year might help us. I recently checked and the team possibly gets a pg, cc, and pf. I do like the idea of havein Arenas on the team though. He’s a great perimeter shooter.

  5. Why not a defensive player? Because I’m gonna lose without 25+ points per game from whoever I get for Dirk.

    If I keep Dirk, I want to keep Devin Harris and Josh Howard. I’d trade our starting center and start Diop. If we keep Dirk, I’m willing to get rid of Terry and Howard. They’re both good enough to bring us someone worthwhile.

    But they’re all scorers, so I can’t waste a trade on Camby and I don’t need a Dirk wannabe in Kirelinko.

    Honestly, if I was going to keep Dirk and I wanted to keep the nice image of the team, I’d try to trade Josh Howard for Kurt Heinrich in Chicago. Then I’d try to move Jason Terry for a decent small forward somewhere (maybe Portland). I think Heinrich and Nowitski are a match made in heaven.

    That’s the only way I see the Mavs making good use of Dirk.

  6. I couldn’t disagree more that Dirk has psychological issues. I think he has holes in his offensive game, but they are fixable. Unfortunately, we don’t tend to see his offensive holes get exposed until the playoffs, so it makes fixing them a matter of too little too late. Dirk will be fine. We just need a better pair than Devin and Terry.

    Trading for defense is a good idea. Someone posted online about Terry for Battier. That’s a good trade, but I don’t see it happening. Josh could move to the 2 and Battier would be a killer small forward for us. HUGE defensive upgrade.

    Rashard Lewis is also a good idea. Not as big a defensive upgrade (but some), but a nice weapon on the offensive side to help Dirk like Jet did.

  7. Get Lewis it would be a great addition!!!!! We already tried for him once and it didnt work though 🙁

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