I’m anticipating a future question and answering it here. As you can see, there is a Thesis theme banner over there to the right. I’m a strong promoter of the Thesis theme. I don’t use it, however, because of cost. Not the cost of Thesis itself, mind you, but of a custom design made and implemented onto Thesis. I’m not a developer or a designer, per se. My core skills are writing, explaining, editing, and strategizing. So when I do a project for a client, I bring in developers and designers to collaborate.

For my own blogs, I typically use other premium themes because I haven’t given myself much of a budget to start the project. I tend to lean on the “show me you’ll do something with it before I spend money on it” mentality… sometimes to my detriment. But if I’d paid a developer/designer team to provide me with custom designs for every blog I’ve started, I’d be both poor and foolish.

Down the road, once I’ve ensnared you all and convinced you that you can’t possibly survive more than a few days without returning, I may knock it out of the park with a custom look and feel. If I do, Thesis is likely the theme I will begin with. Until then, however, I’d rather have an attractive, semi-unique looking blog. I’ve seen plenty of not-really customized Thesis sites out there, and I get tired of them. It’s a basic structural design without customization, sort of like blogging with the default WordPress theme.

So yes, I do love Thesis for its functionality, flexibility, and regular upgrades. No contest. But I’ll hold off on using it for myself until I’ve proven to myself that I’m in it for the long haul. And maybe decided on how to monetize.

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