• Where are the Mavericks on TV?

    It’s time for game what, five? Were it not for the kindness of my wife’s coworker, I wouldn’t have seen a single game of this series against Phoenix. Some of us aren’t rich. Some of us don’t blow money on cable when we can’t even buy ourselves new clothes. And yet the Mavericks somehow manage to play exclusively on TNT for this entire series. Can someone explain this to me? I am a huge fan… no… a HUGE FAN. But I don’t get to watch them play unless I can find someone to mooch off of.

    Where’ s the reward for a season of faithful support? Where’s the evidence of city-wide camaraderie? But NOooo… only cool people with cable tv, tickets to the game, or money to go to a sports bar get to watch the Dallas Mavericks’ first real chance at an NBA title. All I have to say is: if it’s over and we lose in this round, I’ll be angry that I didn’t get to support my team during the best part of their playoffs. If they win this series and move on to play Miami or Detroit, the games better be on local channels.

    What am I thinking? Of course they’ll be on local channels! The Eastern Conference Finals have been on local channels most of the time! Only poor Western Conference schmos like me get placed on the short bus to watch the rest of the world having fun without us. Mark Cuban, if you’re listening (or reading), you suck! Get this fixed asap! I want my Mavs, and I want them on UPN 21 or ABC or whoever will play the freakin’ games on regular stations. I’ll watch the game on the Spanish channels if I have to. I just want gametime coverage. So be it.