• What Would Daniel Read?

    Okay, so maybe WWDR will probably never take off as a popular acronym. But at least you CAN know what I’m reading and what I’ve enjoyed. Whether it’s spiritual or web related, there are TONS of books out there you don’t really need to read. So I’ve put together a list of books from authors I believe you can trust.

    This week I launched a bookstore on my websites. You can see what I’ve read and recommend and order straight from my sites. All orders go through Amazon.com.

    Book categories include Prophecy, Dreams, Healing, Supernatural, Blogging, and Web Marketing. I’ll be adding new books to the list as I go. I’ve read most of these and the few I haven’t are on my must read list, either because I personally admire the author or a person I trust and respect recommended the book.

    Visit my bookstore today at DanielDessinger.com/bookstore.