Has it ever occurred to you that maybe we shouldn’t be sharing our thoughts and feelings and experiences online?

What if we were never meant to be known as a dissociated thought making being? What if voice and sound and smell and sight and presence were all intended to be included in the package of “knowing”?

I don’t know about you, but I find it so much easier to share my thoughts as a disembodied font on your screen. You encounter the idea without annoyance caused by my hairstyle or tone of voice or aftershave. Those components, while they tell you something about me, distract from the core of what I want you to hear. I am the biggest distraction. As are you.

But who’s to say whether this safer, palatable version is really multi-dimensional enough for us to know each other. 

Perhaps we are fooling ourselves into believing that this format means anything more than scribbles on a page.

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