Have you ever been to the hospital and the doctor, physician’s assistant, or nurse spoke to like you’re little more than an adorable idiot?

Ever called customer service and been asked, “Have you tried restarting your computer, sir?”

Ever been told dismissively that the chemicals are “perfectly safe for kids”?

Ever been treated like a diseased backslider because you’re not part of a particular church?

Someone thinks they know better than you. That’s just how it is.

As offensive as that is sometimes, you’d think we’d be a little better guarding our own thoughts. How often do you look at some poor person as though they’re an adorable (or not so adorable) idiot?

The truth is, I have no idea what you know. You could have discovered a secret to human existence and I’d still treat you like an average Joe. Just like we all think of ourselves as good drivers and everyone else as questionable, we see ourselves as intelligent and most other people as… well… something less.

We can’t ALL be among the top 10% of drivers. We can’t all be among the most reasonable and intelligent. Someone has to be the low end of the totem pole, right?

I’m not saying that someone has to be you. I’m just saying it’s not definitely NOT you. Or me. 🙂


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