I hear people say all of the time, "I need to go to the gym. I’m getting fat. I need to stop smoking. I need to eat better. I need to be more efficient with my money. I need, I need, I need." STOP TALKING ABOUT IT AND DO IT!

No one wants to hear you wine and complain about what you ought to do or what you want to do and then watch you do nothing about it. You are wasting oxygen. If you actually want to do something, you will act on it. If you’re hungry, you’ll eat. If you’re thirsty, you will drink.  Why must you talk all of the time and do nothing you ever talk about?  It is so very annoying, and no one respects what you say because they know you will never take action.

The time is now to make change! The time is now to make a decision to move, to make your mark, become a new person by coordinating your thoughts with actions… by giving your words meaning. James Brown said it best in song when he said, “Talkin loud and sayin nothing!" Is that you?

All I am saying is this: we all talk about things – changes that we want to make in life. Why not do more than talk? Make it happen, take the step, and make the change. Go to the gym, invest that money, ask her to marry you, make thefirst move, learn how to play an instrument. Whatever it is, do it. There is more to life than wanting to do something. There is …….actually doing something. If you are not going to do anything, then do those around you a favor and keep quiet until you’re ready to act.

Talk without action is useless talk. Useful or useless… which one are you?

Happy Thursday!

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