You know that post I wrote about how I’m back and forth between being an INFJ or an INTP? Well, scratch that. My indecision was predicated upon one simple misunderstanding: I am not an introvert. That’s right. Read it and weep, inner child.

When it comes to personality types or medical diagnoses, it’s easy to misdiagnose when you’re not dealing with ideal circumstances. In my case, five years of ill-timed teenage peer rejection…

“People with the ENTP personality type are unique in their ability to identify associations between anything, no matter how seemingly disparate those things are. They are at once analytical and clever, taking great pleasure in verbal jousting. This makes them formidable debaters and they’re often prone to switching sides of an issue for the sport of it. While many people profess to be able to multi-task various ideas, concepts, and assignments, few are more adept at doing so than ENTPs. They also find joy in provocative conversations with others and often have a sense of humor that some may consider slightly aberrant.

Below, we’ll explore their tendency to prioritize people above all else. We’ll also describe why ENTP types’ thinking process is distinctive to their type and how their overall nature can impact their lives.

Putting People First

ENTP types are skilled at many things. However, they will set most priorities aside when given an opportunity to interact with other people. They have an extroverted personality that draws others to them. This, combined with an intrinsic capacity to understand the motives and feelings of others, makes them exciting to be around. They enjoy conversation for the simple pleasure of participating, yet also relish the chance to debate or argue a point. Their natural intuition allows them to quickly grasp issues and talk fluently about them almost immediately. ENTPs enjoy the company of others and will sacrifice much to have it.

Relentlessly Cerebral

One of the traits that people find attractive about people with ENTP traits is their ability to think clearly and quickly. They are both innovative and methodical with their approach to problems. As a result, they typically offer creative solutions to problems that others find baffling. Their tendency to apply logic and objectivity to a given situation usually produces the most appropriate response.

Personality And Strengths

ENTP personality types are inherently enthusiastic. They are brimming with new ideas and their excitement in sharing them can inspire others. They can easily adapt to the changing needs or dynamics of a situation, producing new ideas that cater to those changes. Because of their quick understanding of other people, ENTPs tend to establish relational bonds quickly. This can ingratiate them to others, paving the way for strong friendships.

Potential Weaknesses

While ENTPs have a number of favorable characteristics, their personality and temperament can also lead to potential pitfalls. For example, their cerebral nature is a strong influence in their lives and makes them excellent problem-solvers and conversationalists. However, it can also lead them to openly and aggressively dismiss those they find foolish, causing ire in their wake. Plus, while ENTPs are typically upbeat and hopeful, minor hurdles can cause them to become angry. And under extreme stress, they will often feel trapped, unable to logically devise a solution.

ENTPs have remarkable potential and can achieve great success if given the opportunity to do so. But, they risk allowing influences that are outside their control to impact their lives.”

ENTP Favored Careers

dictator, computer consultant, international spy, tv producer, philosopher, comedian, music performer, it consultant, fighter pilot, politician, diplomat, entertainer, game designer, bar owner, freelance writer, creative director, strategist, news anchor, professional skateboarder, airline pilot, comic book artist, college professor, private detective, mechanical engineer, lecturer, ambassador, astronomer, research scientist, judge, web developer, scholar, fbi agent, cia agent, electrical engineer, assassin

So I could be a dictator, international spy, assassin, or own a bar? Nice.

ENTP Disfavored Careers

personal assistant, wedding planner, travel agent, secretary, interior decorator, clerical employee, government employee, social worker, pre school teacher, copy editor, child care worker, hospitality worker, occupational therapist, home maker


So… several years later, I’ve come to acknowledge that I’m NOT an extrovert after all. Sometimes it seems like I am, but it’s a tricky thing. Read more of my thoughts on personality type here.

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