детско обзавежданеWhat does it mean that I have no close friends who share the same interests? I began to unravel this question just yesterday as I met a guy from church at the local coffee shop. We sat down to talk social media and blog promotion, and somehow my explanations turned into a relational retrospective.

4 responses to “Topical Friends vs Historical”

  1. Twitter , Facebook , those are just like this comment , I , a totally stranger reads you blog , finds this post relating to him , and makes a comment to let you know.
    I don’t have much of a historically “close” friends as u named it , maybe 2-3 altogether , but still nothing [no matter how interesting] on the net can be compared or replace the joy of walking down the street with my friends or going hiking …

    All that turn into a word , I do agree with you.

    • LOL, Kristine says respect the human side!!! Danny, if I have to break out the GI Joes to help you feel at home than so be it… When personal interests become so specialized then seek your kind, when with your kind then meet in the middle. On that note…. how can i best choose when to #fb and when to not? My FB friends are lost by my simul-posts and I just don’t have the time to do both.

      • Thanks, Richard. If you’ll add the Selective Tweets app to your FB account, give it your twitter info, you’ll be able to decide which tweets go to FB by using the #fb hashtag.

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