Seven years is a long time. It’s about that point that marriages endure the greatest hardship. The heart of a marriage is tested. Each person discovers what their level of commitment truly is. It’s that point where you set the tone for years to come.

This post is to Heather, the love of my life:

I’ve never been more certain about my decision to marry you than I am today. Through all the sleepless nights, the dazed responses, and thrilling evening repertoires… you might think our lives are the opposite of glamorous. You’d be right, of course. But I find it all strangely satisfying.

What I mean to say is that despite the hardships that we all wish we could avoid, there’s no place I’d rather be than here with you. There’s no one I’d rather cry with or feel beaten down by a crying child with. 🙂

In this most unglamorous season, filled with screaming teething babies and constant harassment for snacks and NEVER enough time for rest and recovery, you should know that I find you irresistible.

Happy anniversary. I’d love to romance you and sweep you off your feet. As it is, I’m fighting off sickness and praying my throat doesn’t crash.

Things I Love About You

I love the way we talked on New Year’s Eve. It moved me to hear your heart. You inspired me. This season of goals, hopes, and dreams we’re wading through may be fraught with discouraging moments, but we’re going to see this through to completion. I’m excited to be on this journey with you.

I love the way you love our children. Watching you engage Micah has been one of the greatest satisfactions of my life. It breaks a stigma that needed to be broken.

I loved your fire even when you were ten years old. For a younger girl, you sure were a cutie! In our little youth group, no one else could argue like you. I had a crush on you, and I was meaner to you than anyone else. I liked you so much I had to be mean so you wouldn’t find out.

I love your commitment to truth. You find it exhausting to even try compromising when what is ultimately best is inconvenient.

I love the way you’ve developed into a visionary. You and I now talk about the future and where we want to grow, and how we will get there. You have no idea how exciting and fulfilling it is for me to collaborate with you.

I love the way you’ve grown more and more understanding. Even today, on our anniversary, you have a legitimate reason to be upset with me, and you share your feelings openly and fairly. You are the woman I can bond my heart to. Whom I can trust to be real.

I love the way you pour yourself into others. You REALLY care about other people, and it bothers you when you can’t answer every email in a day. You hear people’s real problems and you do what you can to explain what will help make a difference in their lives. You listen. You empathize. You don’t judge. You are far more compassionate and merciful than me with people outside of our family.

Seven Songs That Define Our Marriage (for me)

(2000) Andrea Bocelli – Sogno

You introduced this song to me. Perhaps the most beautiful song I’d ever heard. That moment you played it for me in your dorm room cemented you in my memory permanently, no matter what would happen.

(2003) Coldplay – The Scientist

You and I slow danced to The Scientist on the balcony of our honeymoon suite the night we were married. The white patio seemed to glow in the moonlight as the waves rushed to the shore only a few feet away. It was magical.

(2004) i bisonti – De Cara A La Pared

This song just oozes with sexy romance. We heard this song on our honeymoon, and it’s stuck with me ever since. It will always get my motor running. 🙂

(2005) Michael Buble – Feeling Good

Every time I hear this song, I feel compelled to dance with you. Sometimes I act on the impulse, sometimes I don’t. But watch out. Our dance is not over.

(2006) Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars

This dreamy song makes me want to grab you and take you somewhere, with no warning or planning. Just the two of us. Lying in a patch of clover somewhere, staring at the sky. Not a care in the world.

(2008) Taylor Swift – Love Story

This is the song I want to be ours forever. Our story started off shaky, but I see ours as a unique sort of fairy tale, where the worst parts happen up front, and the happily ever after still comes.

(2010) Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are

This song speaks to me because you never thought I saw you this way, and the truth is I really just didn’t know how to tell you how in awe of you I was and am. You are the perfect woman for me.

So Happy Anniversary, real life woman that I love and gave my heart to. I’m not perfect, but I’m wholly yours. No other woman owns a part. On this day I celebrate you, and I give myself all over again to be yours. Without doubts. Without regrets. You are the best decision of my life.

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