• Three Years Later, Which ORM Tools Do You Trust?

    I started ReputationAdvisor.com back in 2007, when no one but a handful of people were using the term “Online Reputation Management.” Since then, a dozen other “buzz” words have been coined to represent the same thing as everyone tries to own a piece of a new pie.

    But we’re not a fledgling industry anymore. The landscape is deluged with ORM services and tools and experts and blogs. So my question to you is:

    Which ORM tool do you trust most? And do you trust it because of the famous people who endorse it, or because you’ve tested it against other tools and found it more reliable and accurate?

    Let’s clarify what we’re talking about. When I say “trust” in this instance, I’m referring to comprehensiveness and accuracy. Which monitoring tool do you trust gives you the most complete picture of what’s being said across the Web, and why?

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